Q. Do you conduct an initial counselling session with prospective clients?

Yes, an initial counselling session is one hour. This allows you the opportunity to discuss your situation with me and discover how I work. If you then decide to continue counselling with me I either arrange a regular day and time for you to attend or contract a more 'ad hoc' arrangment if that is felt to be more helpful to your situation.
In the event of us deciding that counselling would not be appropriate, I can usually recommend a person or service who may be of help.

Q. How long is a counselling session?

On-going sessions are 50 minutes.

Q. How often would I have a session?

We will discuss this together and mutually decide a frequency of sessions that will be most helpful to you and/or your partner at this time.

Q. How many sessions do I have to have?

I make no requirement on the number you must have but what I find can be helpful is to perhaps start with the thought of booking around six sessions. I believe that this provides you with a secure and regular space in which to think and be heard and allows for greater understanding of the difficulties. Feeling safe and understood is very important and enables deeper thoughts and feelings to be explored.

However, of course some clients may feel that one session is helpful and enough for them at this time. Sometimes one session is enough to enable emotional clarity and a shift in perspective!


Q. I am in a couple relationship. Can I attend without my partner?



Q. What is Fertility Counselling?

Fertility counselling offers specialist emotional support and advice for clients with fertility concerns and/or undergoing fertility treatment. Going through infertility is a process which is both physically and emotionally draining. You might benefit from fertility counselling if your problems with fertility mean that you;

  • lose interest in your usual activities
  • feel down for long periods
  • feel anxious a lot of the time
  • have difficulty thinking of anything other than your infertility
  • have strained relationships with your partner, family, friends or colleagues
  • have difficulty concentrating
  • feel less able to accomplish things
  • feel lonely or distant from friends
  • have feelings of guilt or worthlessness that won't go away
  • have feelings of anger or bitterness that won't go away

It is also possible that some clients seeking fertility counselling do not actually have physical problems with fertility at all - their issues are psychological and emotional. There can sometimes be 'blocks' to overcome in the subconscious, for example low self esteem, previous terminations or abuse. Emotional factors may potentially prevent conception and can be overlooked in the search for a physical reason.  Researchers at Oxford University have also discovered a link between high levels of stress and reduced chances of a woman conceiving during the fertile days of her cycle.  It can be vital that mental and emotional wellbeing is supported alongside treating the physical when you are trying to conceive. 

Fertility counselling can help by reducing or eliminating stressors and thus lowering cortisol levels.  It allows you time and space to explore the emotional aspects of fertility issues/treatment and how this might be affecting you and your relationships.

A single session of fertility counselling can be most valuable. Sometimes ongoing counselling may be more appropriate. You can be seen either as an individual or as a couple. Counselling is face to face but telephone and on-line counselling for fertility issues is also available.

You may also require "implications counselling" if you are considering treatment with either donated eggs, sperm, embryos or surrogacy. I am experienced in this specialised form of counselling and strive to facilitate a supportive and stress free environment for all concerned.  This may include some meetings over Skype if geographical distance make it difficult to always meet face-to-face.


Q. What type of clients do you see?

Approximately half of the clients I work with are couples, both unmarried partners and in married relationships/civil partnerships. I also work with individual clients, both men and women. 

My practice is committed to providing holistic support for clients of all race, religion and sexual orientation.  I regularly work with same sex couples as they move forward with family building via egg and sperm donation and surrogacy, both in Australia, the UK and abroad.

I am committed to bringing about lasting change to my client's issues and difficulties and support my clients to achieve harmony, both within themselves and their relationship.